He looked out on the office floor observing the activity.  All busy bees buzzing about the interior office space, carrying laptops and notepads. Each one moving along, busy building the hive.  Each one following trails and cubicled caverns leading to different work; interlocked and shared between; exchanging vectors inside booked conference rooms as each […]

Blue and Purple meeting at the fingertips. Interlaced as Misty Blue yields to Purple undercurrents. A deep pull on Purple, Fills the lungs, Into the bloodstream and to the brain. The ghost afloat, Arms outstretched. Purple darkness surrounds. A slow and soothing exhale on Purple Woos. Air currents flow past the body. Purple corpuscles trail […]

An inland lagoon of deep purple. Greeted on all but one side by the soft earth of cavern floors. Currents solemnly migrating under the silver gaze of the moon. Serenity produces a song of silence, with the occasional improvisation of the waters outside. Candles religiously congregate within the cavern. Their lights flicker with a dedicated […]

I can remember one day – I was passing by this old dude.  He asked me to go to the store for him.   He told me he’d give me a couple of dollars.  I hollered back, “Nah, man.  I gotta be somewhere.  I don’t have time.”  I didn’t even look at him. I only slightly […]

The waves rolled over the tops of the houses.  I watched the saplings struggle against the winds, from the window of my car.  The tide rolled in, roiling the surface of the gathering sky, leaving behind frothy clouds, while moving across the surface.  The waves tumbling over, crashed in on themselves, dispersing the mixture of […]

  And so it goes prospective lover, If asked today Whether or not you could come by Would you share your soul Or would I be denied? Would you relegate me to only the basest level of satisfaction? Or allow me a deep swallow of soul? Swirling your essence, Over and around my palate, Side […]

Cumbia, over fresh fruits – strawberries, and mangoes. Light of the morning hours, penetrated by orange slices of beauty, stretching across, the diaspora, and earthen sky. Salsa, Through midday hours, Into an afternoon, Merengue. The salty sea, pushing forward, live choruses, of sole singing. Seesaw, ball and chain, the dance, brings about peaceful rains, to […]