Hips swaying back and forth, Methodically and seductively, One foot replacing the other. Slide and twist. Humming soulful renditions, Depicting a rendezvous. No words,  “Shhhh.” No movement,  a felt embrace. This is where I meet her, When I close my eyes. Jonesin’ for a rendezvous. Sharing a sunset over the beach. A place outside of the […]

With the closing of the door, the co-mingling aromas of relaxed atmosphere and poetic recitation are resealed.  “No smoking” signs and exotic juices occupy glasses of geometric delight.  The angles of the room collect the soft aromas of votive candles as they climb toward the ceiling; a collection of requests for the presence of the […]

Lightning raced across the border of the nighttime sky. The rain poured heavily outside her window. She sat on the bed with knees bent; arms emoting submission, as her garment slid, slowly from her shoulder. Lifting her gaze to look at him, she strained to make out his features or his emotion from his expression […]

Close your eyes and imagine me. See my spoken words with your aggressive flirt. Keeping pace with my rhythm, Just imagine me. Let my song sing to your soul So deep under the rhythmic caresses, Moving across the surface. Tasting the salty sweetness of your arch. Just close your eyes. Imagine the squint in the […]

Readers Aged:  18+ Fluid carvings of metal, wonderfully coaxed into waves of crested feathers, clothed the center staircase.  Marble columns and checkered flows, in framed pursuit, trailed behind the sculpted brown of her calves.  Upon entering the room, she walked past the wardrobe and toward the bathroom to get a set of towels. Drying her hair, covered […]

The methodical movements of windshield wipers pace back and forth across a gray and overcast sky. Steam escapes the charcoal of industrial chimneys, dissipating under the assault of the rain, while I traverse the ley lines of the bridge. The rumble of the thunder creates a veil of solitude within this personal eye to mask […]

He opened the door with the light spilling out onto the street, diffusing into the Day’s light. I put a seashell to my ear and it all comes back… Like a locomotive gaining speed, the trumpets set the cadence while the drums marched on the in-betweens.  Men in tuxes draped by silk scarfs criss-crossed the room […]

I remember warm southern days.  Pine scented breezes blowing across the campus. Cocoa skin, brown hair and soft eyes to light up my day.  Tight dresses, swaying slacks, and tennis shoes.  Celebrity hairstyles and attitudes flavored all shades of feminine brown on the yard.  I also remember her.  She was the beginning and ending of […]

  I ask for forgiveness. Enticing her into the darkness And solace of my soul. A kiss to fulfill my dreams. An embrace to make me whole. Living by her laugh. Bathing in her smile. Kneeling embrace. Desirous eyes. City night beneath Intertwining thighs. Fabrics swaying in the confidence of her stride. My dreams of […]

  And so it goes prospective lover, If asked today Whether or not you could come by Would you share your soul Or would I be denied? Would you relegate me to only the basest level of satisfaction? Or allow me a deep swallow of soul? Swirling your essence, Over and around my palate, Side […]