Drop the beat, the heat, slide the wisdom to the streets. DOOM the funk like unwashed feet or some ole skunk meat. The El Dorado, gold crease, please the teddy bear market with ease. Decease or desist. Drop it like it’s hot ’til the heartbeat cease. Roll up on it like Thought in a spaceship. […]

I found love. It sprouted atop the trees. My top new priority, She, caught me, with her Latin-Mami Steez. Sun-touched, at ease, Simple destiny, We, In love to be. Swinging through the leaves, Arm in arm, twisting up the vines, A touch of the divine. We hopped from branch to line, Dancing in motion, pure […]

Through the good and the bad, My love will be here to support you. Never need you weep nor be sad, I’ll help you see life’s trials through. Place your hand in mine, And rest assured in your mind, I’ll love you always. I’ll live for you each day. I will protect you from all […]