Repeating patterns of trees whizzed by with their deciduous reflections washing over the windshield of the car. The neighborhood was idyllic and plastic, a painted picture of manicured and trimmed suburbia.  An affluent heaven on earth, of sorts, safe-harboring neighbors from the naked environments of the city, while populating itself with people who spent their […]

Dollar backed free speech for sale.  “Can I get a dollar?” Because more free speech is a good thing.  Free speech at a price?  Let me holler… …At you for a minute.   I remember when free speech used to flow freely, from thinking and ignorant people’s throats alike see…, Not bundled and grouped by […]

Definition: the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. Believing certain “rights” are owned because of class – entitlement. Believing one’s vote is more important than thousands because of the disproportionate wealth distribution between the two groups – entitlement. Being oblivious to the beneficial slant in the social and economic structures […]