Dollar backed free speech for sale.  “Can I get a dollar?” Because more free speech is a good thing.  Free speech at a price?  Let me holler… …At you for a minute.   I remember when free speech used to flow freely, from thinking and ignorant people’s throats alike see…, Not bundled and grouped by […]

Boom. Boom. Tsst. Boom. Boom. Keck. Boom. Boom. Bap. Beats pump, bump loud Noisy and chaotic Mad thirsty Grab a chair and listen, “See…” Gray scaled gradient. Lacking empathy and human blood, A curious contemplation, Boogie down without a trace of brotherly love. The perpetrators faceless demons? Degenerate semen spawn, Wearing crooked smiles, Inhuman faces […]

This is a public service announcement. Any uniform is sufficient for a person, Who votes solely along the lines of promised employment. Negligent in the welfare of others, Dismissive of their deal. Uniform in thinking like many others, Who would sell their species for a promised meal. Without a single regard for moral and social […]