The sunroof back, eyes just above the crack. That street-nitty, beat-witty soundtrack, Recipe. Beats by Dre. with Kendrick riding the track. Lemme tell you about Christine. She’s so top-shelf. One of a few, She stands out, pristine. Just to peek inside, Watching people speed up, To catch a glimpse of her. Every place she rolls […]

I completely forgot to complete this (Life! Pfft), but here is day 3. I’m gonna dedicate this one to Shirley Manson of the group, Garbage. She is a supreme poet. I could randomly pick any song of theirs and I could come up with a couple of quotables.   These two songs are among some of […]

  I put a seashell to my ear and it all comes back… Socrates squinted in the Sun.   The sea soaked, salty air blew past his face.  He dropped the seashell onto the sand. “Hey, I was thinking we should go into town next. We should change our clothes, walk the streets, and find a local place […]

Unexpected, unforeseen Only in a dream, Capturing the imagination, Imprisoning hearts with such machinations. Exotic and rare Dumb hearts she’d ensnare Angle or devil? Be a little more original Be bold if you dare It’s vulnerable Give a care The heart’s in danger I put a seashell to my ear and it all comes back… Exotic […]

“Trippin.. Just laid back and twisted on my mental Twist a note and place it between my lips Twisted into the shape of a paper horn Water bubbling Radio transmissions sounding Turning my lips to the air Succumbing to the seduction of the Sirens. I tumble down. Laughing at my awkward stumble.” by malakhai jones […]

Through the good and the bad, My love will be here to support you. Never need you weep nor be sad, I’ll help you see life’s trials through. Place your hand in mine, And rest assured in your mind, I’ll love you always. I’ll live for you each day. I will protect you from all […]