I ask for forgiveness. Enticing her into the darkness And solace of my soul. A kiss to fulfill my dreams. An embrace to make me whole. Living by her laugh. Bathing in her smile. Kneeling embrace. Desirous eyes. City night beneath Intertwining thighs. Fabrics swaying in the confidence of her stride. My dreams of […]

Cumbia, over fresh fruits – strawberries, and mangoes. Light of the morning hours, penetrated by orange slices of beauty, stretching across, the diaspora, and earthen sky. Salsa, Through midday hours, Into an afternoon, Merengue. The salty sea, pushing forward, live choruses, of sole singing. Seesaw, ball and chain, the dance, brings about peaceful rains, to […]

The sunroof back, eyes just above the crack. That street-nitty, beat-witty soundtrack, Recipe. Beats by Dre. with Kendrick riding the track. Lemme tell you about Christine. She’s so top-shelf. One of a few, She stands out, pristine. Just to peek inside, Watching people speed up, To catch a glimpse of her. Every place she rolls […]

  I put a seashell to my ear and it all comes back… Socrates squinted in the Sun.   The sea soaked, salty air blew past his face.  He dropped the seashell onto the sand. “Hey, I was thinking we should go into town next. We should change our clothes, walk the streets, and find a local place […]

“Trippin.. Just laid back and twisted on my mental Twist a note and place it between my lips Twisted into the shape of a paper horn Water bubbling Radio transmissions sounding Turning my lips to the air Succumbing to the seduction of the Sirens. I tumble down. Laughing at my awkward stumble.” by malakhai jones […]

The bark lingers ever more upward overtaking our speed. Bridging the separation conceding to the quiet, watching… the infection spreading quickly, fevered nights born from the illness, sweating out the chemical on, too worn, a sofa, the cushions molded into submission – imprinted with its weight. “Such a dangerous thing to do — to fall in love.” Excerpt […]