Funny how Love never tastes so sweet, As when its doing you so wrong. Remember when you first saw Love? How unassuming it looked. Your eyes fixated upon it, while You, caught the smell – the aroma. Wanting it. Desiring it. That flirtatious smile it flashed you. That knowing confidence on its face. You remember […]

Lightning raced across the border of the nighttime sky. The rain poured heavily outside her window. She sat on the bed with knees bent; arms emoting submission, as her garment slid, slowly from her shoulder. Lifting her gaze to look at him, she strained to make out his features or his emotion from his expression […]

Soft shoe.  No sound.  I sneaked up and reached across the bed.  The cotton fibers slid over the sheet thread, while the pillow trailed my purposeful hand. I’d been planning this night for weeks. Despite the repeated mental rehearsal, my hands were unsteady, trembling and anxious. The shadow eclipsed the mark as the pillow came […]

The cool air of the summer night makes its way through the open window. The city lights in the distance catch his gaze. Holding it for a few more seconds, he tugs at his necktie, leaving it to loosely hang. The nearest light fell across the dark hue of his skin, bringing shadow to his […]

The waves rolled over the tops of the houses.  I watched the saplings struggle against the winds, from the window of my car.  The tide rolled in, roiling the surface of the gathering sky, leaving behind frothy clouds, while moving across the surface.  The waves tumbled, crashing in on themselves, dispersing the mixture of air […]

I remember warm southern days.  Pine scented breezes blowing across the campus. Cocoa skin, brown hair and soft eyes to light up my day.  Tight dresses, swaying slacks, and tennis shoes.  Celebrity hairstyles and attitudes flavored all shades of feminine brown on the yard.  I also remember her.  She was the beginning and ending of […]

I completely forgot to complete this (Life! Pfft), but here is day 3. I’m gonna dedicate this one to Shirley Manson of the group, Garbage. She is a supreme poet. I could randomly pick any song of theirs and I could come up with a couple of quotables.   These two songs are among some of […]

The kids were put to bed.  The doors had been checked.  Light from the kitchen covered the table and all of it’s contents. He squeezed the soapy water from the sponge – the sound dribbled into the water.   Luther was carrying the melody out from the speakers. “I wanna be the one you just […]