My Style


When I write, I am after a description of the emotions and the feelings, even if the depiction is so over the top and outrageous. I don’t intend to be literal. I aim to be somewhere in the twilight between reality and the emotion.  You are probably saying, “duh,” and you would be correct when it comes to poetry.  But I aims to do it, and aims to do it well in my short stories.  My characters experience the emotions, not events, because I have experienced the emotions, but not necessarily everything I’ve written about.

My writings are filled with all of the emotional color that was associated with the moment or the day dreaming. It would be a rather boring exercise, for me, to describe only what I actually saw.  That would be like watching a documentary film with no editing.  “I think my eyes are bleeding.” “Are these home movies?”  No offense to anyone.

Conversely, it would be a foolish to attempt to try and bend physical reality toward the physics of the emotions in order to create these moments in life.  The magic is always there.  It just depends on how in the moment you are and what emotional color you are seeing in the moment.  Even if it gets you in trouble with your wife, because you may not have been paying close attention to what she was saying because of this.