The methodical movements of windshield wipers pace back and forth across a gray and overcast sky. Steam escapes the charcoal of industrial chimneys, dissipating under the assault of the rain, while I traverse the ley lines of the bridge. The rumble creates a veil of solitude within this personal eye to mask the listening traveler […]

“Are you on the toilet?”  She asked. “Um, no…yeah… I’m warming up the seat…It’s almost there…” I said humorously.  “Do you need to use the bathroom?” . She laughed.  “Never mind.” Afterward, I made one more tour through the house to see if the kids were up, moving, and preparing themselves for school.  “C’mon son. […]

Awakening to another day, the Sun beginning its climb high into the heavens with prayers for deliverance.  Fortunate to be alive and still more fortunate to have love in these times.  Glancing over to watch her sleep, fully clothed and carrying all of her earthly possessions, I was amazed to see how peaceful sleep was still […]

We find ourselves sitting in the waning hours of dusk, speaking softly and optimistically to comfort ourselves.  “Things will be okay, things will be alright.” Rocking back and forth on the front porch, we angle our chairs toward the west to get a view of the setting sun as our hearts fill with dread.  As […]

The lights on the patrol car pulsed in the twilight, painting the interior of the car and its contents.  Red. Blue. Red. Blue. “I’m gonna need to see your license and registration.”  The evening’s humidity was sticky; it grabbed at me.  My heart beat faster; the blood pumped on overdrive; perspiration collected.  Fight or flight? […]

The Sun’s light shown through the windows and doors of the all white room.  The all white curtains stood sentry at the windows, motionless and at attention.  She sat at the piano between two, all white columns. Her wrists, in staccato movements, struck the keys with angled elbows, while her fingers, deliciously, devoured each note. […]