Four chairs. One plate, One fork. Two chairs. One napkin, One filled glass. One chair. A microwave meat pie. Camping out across the table, is the noisy white conversation, of too many red lettered bills and junk mail. The TV, slightly out of frame with a dark, blank screen, chattering away into the background. He […]

I looked up into the night sky, recognizing the house, the car, the memories, my life, are all temporary.   The family, the career, the love, and me – all temporary. I could hear her words in my mind as if she were speaking to me, through no less than twenty years of distance.  “We […]

It’s not too late – the glow of the Sun hangs just inside the upper corner of the window,  just under the shade.  The gold topped leaves giggle and bob from the tickling of the Sun’s rays.   Bubbles float upward, undulating and rotating, under the rhythm of the music.  Faraday caged by rainbows shimmering […]

A beautiful, blue sky day. A few clouds smiled, Nodding as they floated away. The waves fell onto the shore. Glissing notes in harmony, Hooked on the feeling, wanting more. She looked up at me and said… Be my lazy Sunday afternoon. Cool your troubled mind, Surrender willingly. Everything’s here you’ll find, Hold me closely. […]

She lay on her back floating in the water Rocking with the currents Atop golden leaves brushed onto the water’s surface by the sunshine Floating away into the minutes and hours of the day Forgetful of everything Her fingers broke the surface Trailing the turbulence behind She floated away into the blue It opened It’s arms to […]

Dollar backed free speech for sale.  “Can I get a dollar?” Because more free speech is a good thing.  Free speech at a price?  Let me holler… …At you for a minute.  I remember when free speech used to flow freely, from thinking and ignorant people’s throats alike see…, not bundled and grouped by label. […]

The waves rolled over the house tops.  Saplings struggled against the currents.  Tides rolled in, leaving behind frothy clouds, roiling the surface, gathering sky as they moved across, crashing in on themselves, and spreading out the mixture of air and cloud. A line of red lights streamed off into the distance ahead of me.  Reverse currents of […]