Repeating patterns of trees whizzed by with their deciduous reflections washing over the windshield of the car. The neighborhood was idyllic and plastic, a painted picture of manicured and trimmed suburbia.  An affluent heaven on earth, of sorts, safe-harboring neighbors from the naked environments of the city, while populating itself with people who spent their […]

You can spot the people for whom achievement tastes the sweetest.  Those people who were not overnight successes – who struggled – got knocked down and got up.  Their gap of achievement wasn’t so shallow enough to largely be forgotten.  There is no air of entitlement in their character.  These people can be spotted by their […]

I rolled up in it Stepped out of it Sipped dopamine from it Popped my collar to it Caught a glance or two Because of it Been defined by it Been paranoid And Filled with pride All attributed to it I’ve lied about it Been covered in it Sometimes rejected it Then embraced it Pumped […]

I can remember one day – I was passing by this old dude.  He asked me to go to the store for him.   He told me he’d give me a couple of dollars.  I hollered back, “Nah, man.  I gotta be somewhere.  I don’t have time.”  I didn’t even look at him. I only slightly […]

I put a seashell to my ear and it all comes back There they are…  The ocean waves falling in on themselves against the shore.  Racing – rushing into pathways – swirling inside dug outs –  the water was frothy, gritty, and brown.  The sound, rice krispy, beneath the sand as the water receded.  The rhythm […]

  I put a seashell to my ear and it all comes back… Socrates squinted in the Sun.   The sea soaked, salty air blew past his face.  He dropped the seashell onto the sand. “Hey, I was thinking we should go into town next. We should change our clothes, walk the streets, and find a local place […]