“Hey Sara, can you do me a favor?  I keep finding cigarette butts lying on the ground, outside the building.  It can only be the guys who are working on the roof… and the windows.” “Sure.” Sara shrugged her shoulders in reply. “I need a sign that reads, ‘No Smoking,’ in Spanish?” “Um…okay.” —- “Hey, […]

She lay on her back floating in the water, Rocking with the currents, Atop golden leaves brushed onto the water’s surface by the sunshine, Floating away into the minutes and hours of the day Forgetful of everything, Her fingers broke the surface, Trailing the turbulence behind, She floated away into the blue. It opened It’s arms to […]

Willow trees dripping their branches onto the pond. Touching at the water’s edge. Crowned by dense foliage. Expressed in leaves of vibrant green. Two in a boat. The surface peaceful, from the stroke. Monet in appearance. The air still. The picture bug free. The edges indistinguishably fuzzy. by malakhai jones img src: http://picturesoftrees.org/large/96/Weeping-Willows-Tree-Pictures-6.jpg

Each day after school, the little brown boy grabbed his backpack to begin his journey home. As he exited the main doors, he looked down at his tube sock with the blue stripe, near the top.  It sat there around his ankle, slouching.  He reached down and pulled it up.  As he began to walk, it dropped […]

They said, “The peace couldn’t last for too long.”  You could hear the acrid breeze moving through the leaves.  You could see the diseased air stripping the trees. My daughter asked, “Daddy, what does it mean?”  I answered, “Things are about to become scary.  So be wary of the character of strangers you meet.”  Roll […]