I, declare that all people are created equal, Eyes on the prize, eyes on the sparrow Don’t pass on this, just pass along this jewel, American Patriot 2.0, the sequel. Glasses up and Happy Fourth. The Year 2024th So let us push forth, On the fulfillment and promise, Of what it is, To be an […]

Black music. Black history. Black Unemployment. Black actors. Black athletes. Black dance. Black art. Black Crime. Black awards. Black students. Black cEOs. Black leadership. Black Single Parent. Black lives. Black achievement. Black lips. Black words. Black skin. Black verse. White Culture America. All too familiar, The symbols, they thirst. Black Monster Godzilla. But These Hidden […]

Four chairs. One plate, One fork. Two chairs. One napkin, One filled glass. One chair. A microwave meat pie. Camping out across the table, is the noisy white conversation, of too many red lettered bills and junk mail. The TV, slightly out of frame with a dark, blank screen, chattering away into the background. He […]

It was a Summer breeze, on a Saturday eve, from some time ago freed, that carried on its winds, a thought conceived. I placed my cup on the ground, leaned my head back to the sound, so profound in it’s hypnosis reclaiming a memory recently found. I reminisced on the only life I’ve lived. I […]