A Good Day

“A happy day feels like…a good day feels like…piano keys leaping and playing, diving in and out of the chords inlaid by the grooves of the bass line, brushing aside the leaves and stem of the notes, while glitter jumps off the sticks drumming the cymbals.

A good day has a rhythm of repetition like the Earth speeding through another solar year, another set of seasons without the need for explanation or reason. This is what a good day feels like, rushing and running forward under the rays of the Sun, never looking back because there is simply too much to see in the Present and Future.

A good day relaxes and reclines into the evening just before the heat of the day gives way to the calming the night brings, off the shoulder, clothed in the aroma of hibiscus and mint tea.”

– by Malakhai Jonezs

(c) Copyright 2020

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