Inner Space

When I dream of the sounds, the smiles, the smells, the laughter, and the sights of a place, I liberally pour romance and electric lightning all over it – pushing the sparks into the corners with just enough to cover over the edges.  But my visitations to these places, in reality, always end up being less than what my imagination can conjure – the colors less vibrant and ridiculous in their presentation, people and things slightly out of place, expressions and faces.

Therefore, I have resolved to avoid these places I have dreamt of visiting, least I spoil the places I’ve carefully cultivated and grown within my mind – places outside reality, outside of Space, residing outside of time.  These beautiful places where I can be who I am and what I am is something to behold and see.  I whisper and I shout, “I am a soul, a spirit, with no masks, no performances required of me.”

It’s at this point that the quiet descends upon me and upon these places like the suddenness of twilight and stars. Awaking to the dream, I hear the traces of wings beating soft melodies into musical notes traveling on each pluck and stroke.  I hold these places in my mind, not as places to someday visit and see.  I know these places are not so far away; places where music and imagination quickly transport me into being at ease, into being at peace.

As you can see these places do not exist anywhere in reality, but only within me.  I’d invite you in to see, but you need time to get started on your own inner realities – pen your own purple skies and cotton candy clouds, tune your forks on a hard candy fence above a chocolate chip ground.  After you’ve finished hanging your mango drapes and strawberry chandeliers, invite me over to visit your spaces, maybe then we can trade and explore one another’s inner places.

by malakhai.jonezs

(C) Copyright 2020

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