Kiss The Girls


A slow evening.
Watching the planes overhead,
Break the deep purple,
Break the zen.

I became enthralled,
By the things she said,
“Hello, How are you?”
So enraptured.

A soul, so beautiful,
Her heart, so gifted,
My heart was, unknowingly,

Even if it’s only a romance,
Watching her smile,
That’s all in my head.
“Nice to meet you,”
Sounds cliché,
But it’s perfectly said.

Her song, she sang,
So melodious and intoxicating.
Her song, she sang,
Angelic and habit forming.

I… schemed a scheme to capture it,
Steal her and it away,
Wanting her song only for myself,
For forever,
And beyond today.

A song from her heart,
Hidden away,
From the world,
Hidden in the dark,
On private display.

The thought of her was…
Simultaneously food and drug,
Just a little each night,
For my heart’s delight.
A kiss on her lips and a hug,
“Good night.”

I wanted to possess her song,
Dispossess her of her naive notions.
Grow as big as the earth,
Sweep away all her love potions.
Just to be her world,
But I suffered conflicted emotions.
My better angels got the best of me,
Wrestled my demons and overcame me.

But who knows…
For a time she might have been okay,
With only my love.
Maybe she would have decided to stay,
Been okay with my fawning affections as pay.

But in time,
She would have inevitably,
Grown restless,
Desiring her freedom,
Desiring to sing freely,
To float through clouds,
Sing among the trees,
For all to admire and to see.

Pretty bird,

Pretty bird.

I kissed the girl,
Caressed her face,
And then let her be.

I watched her twirl,
From across the crowded room.
Just my drink and me.

by malakhai jones
(c) Copyrigth 2016

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  1. Love at a distance nicely captured, that chick you see but can’t always be with.
    Liking it.
    I became enthralled,
    By the things she said,
    “Hello, How are you?”
    So enraptured. < I thought that was great, how the simple everyday words become powerful and meaningful.

      1. Yes, the book is now in the hands of a beta reader, then it’s off to my editor. Hopefully, I’ll be ready to start submitting to agents around mid-June.

    1. One other thing. I’m a very aural and musical person. There is a song for nearly every piece I write that fits perfectly with the topic in tone. I write while listening to it over and over. I read the words in my poem to the song until the concept takes on the rhythm. Once it does, I start to read it without the music because the reader won’t have the music available when he/she reads it and then I edit some more. Probably more than you wanted to know, but thought I’d share.

      1. That makes perfect sense to how your language flows. I love that! And I always find it fascinating to learn about people’s creative processes so thank you for sharing. 🙂