On a Clear Day


The Sun’s light shown through the windows and doors of the all white room. The all white curtains stood sentry at the windows, motionless while at attention. She sat at the piano between two, all white columns. Her wrists, in staccato movements, struck the keys with angled elbows, while her mahogany fingers, deliciously, devoured each note.

The white of her train flowed onto the floor and out toward the center of the room. Threading the notes, stitching together the melody, her deft fingers leapt in acrobatic jumps between the keys. The melody spun it’s way out of the wood and into the room, permeating each molecule, floating on the spaces between.

As she continued to play, the room began to absorb the color of the outside Sky. The eggshell blue dye slowly saturated the membrane of the white room – cajoled and lured by the music.

Beads of sweat formed on the nape of her neck just as the curtains began to billow and dance on the breeze that entered. She played on, pumping the pedals. She played on in legato notes, until the Sky had all been drawn into the room – completely encased and enraptured by the song and it’s melody.

A gentle cyclone of blues and whites stirred the wisps of cirrus clouds trapped within the interior of the room. They poured into and out of the seams of window and door as they traveled along the walls. Water color brush strokes painted every corner, wall, and space in diffracted blue – all but the eye that rested just above her and the piano.

Everything had become covered in Sky, become of the Sky. Everything but the dark curl of her hair and the diamond-sparkle blossoms of perspiration on the dark brown of her skin.

She played on, to the audience of clouds, wind, and atmosphere – completely unaware of their presence, on what started out as a clear day.

by malakhai jonezs
(c) copyright 2016

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    1. Hey Victory, Thanks! Well I’ve been trained a couple of times on drum and violin. I can’t play either of them now. But I guess the ear for music took. If a song strikes the right note, I begin to see it and then I describe it. It doesn’t matter the lyrics, if the song has lyrics. I hear the instruments and their melody. This piece was based on the song called opus 28. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iQTWbS2SlVY. I do research my musical terms to make sure I’m using the right ones. I have been seriously thinking of getting professional piano lessons instead of sticking with my inconsistent self teaching. More than you prolly wanted to know, but there u have it. BTW, after all this time you can call me MD (nickname).

      1. Hey MD, thanks. 😊 I used to play the violin and viola but it’s been many years so I’ve forgotten. I do still love music though. I love the way you describe what you see from a piece of music. You seem to love the piano. If you get lessons you will have to post yourself playing! πŸ˜€

      2. Haaa! Now that could be funny. I’d definitely have to style that video, so it looked smooth even if I was terrible in the keys. :). I still love the violin and string instruments, but there’s something about a good melody on a piano. :). Thanks again Victory!

      3. That Opus 28 was beautiful. I can see how it inspired that writing. I do love the piano- I think I love all the strings(is piano considered a string?) the most. I’m trying to get my kids to learn the guitar. I might have a shot with the little one, lol.

      4. All three of my kids play an instrument. The oldest, the clarinet, the middle one, the cello, and the youngest, the violin. Good luck wth the guitar and the lil one, Victory! :). That opus 28 is beautiful. My kids love listening to it in the car.

    1. Thanks Cathy! I’m sure we aren’t suppose to have favorite pieces of our own, but this is one of them. I hope things are going well! Thank you as always for the professional and polished eye you put in my pieces. The feedback is appreciated!

      1. You give me too much credit, M. I’ve read enough on your blog to see you are an excellent writer. As I said I would, I’m slowly working my way through your posts as I have time. I have enjoyed everything I’ve read.
        Ah, we all have our favorites we’ve written. Mine is “Birds of a Feather” in short fiction, and “Red” in poetry. πŸ™‚

  1. Another great piece, man. You are very versatile. I am always interested in the structure of your pieces; and how you get from “point A to point B” so to speak. In some pieces you break down complex scenery and incorporate music; at other times, you paint vivid pictures of more relaxed scenes. Takes tremendous skill! Keep up the good work!

    1. Much appreciated Darryl! Most of my pieces come from something I’m seeing when I listen to a particular song or the right song to listen to that accompanies the story, i’m attempting to write. I write for tempo. I attack the story like a piece of music. I want the story to flow like music. If it’s an uptempo chaotic type of action, then I want the sentences to be choppy and jumping. If it’s a bit more reflective and there’s a point to arrive at, then I slow it up. If it’s suppose to have a melodic rhythm to it, then I use repetition and rhyme. All depends. Man, aside from basic grammar, which I can always improve upon, I’m straight amateur time. I’m writing without instruction. Just off of the desire to want to entertain and hopefully pass on a jewel.

      1. Wow. I like this breakdown. Thanks for breaking down the inner machinations – a lot of magicians don’t explain their tricks lol. This is a good style; it’s refreshing to hear that you write without instruction. I have always found structure to be an imposition on my imagination, so I understand. Good stuff bro!