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The candle lit, the flame dances atop the wick, dancing between the winds, pushed between pursed lips.  The arcane spoken word, the sunshine, bringing life to those without it.  The twist, thirsty and peckish for more like a deep pull, but settling for just a sip.

On October the fifth, I climbed into my mind and after looking back for a few moments, left the world behind.  Expanding along three dimensions, expanding through time.  I lowered a bit of rope, to leave myself a safety line.

My mind expanded beyond my head, filled with the inanimate, living, and the dead.   With eyes unfocused, I lay, flat and still, resting on my bed.  I jumped down, but found myself floating upward instead.  Then I reached out and touched a black hole and had my curiosity fed, genuine curiosity without a hint of dread…

…at the prospect of becoming undone and yesterday’s old news, my mind became flooded with symbols and clues, icons and hues, streets and hoods, and clouds and woods.  I could hear in the distance an organ playing some tunes.  At the notion, I set about to get to work and pay my dues, pushing against material walls with nothing to lose.  With time on my mind as the most precious something we can lose.

In the moment, I gained a sense of the physics quite bizarre.  I…are…floating point antimatter, a… quasar.  Quarks and Infinite inner space.  Seven billion universes, all interlaced, distributed interwebs, logic switches and a case, if-then-else statements and some for loops giving chase.

It’s as simple as a quaternary programming language, an inflation theory, base four imagination, all void of input and manufactured sensations.  A tesseract of unfolded reality and simulation, folding in on time, collapsing at the corners, the formulation, driven by extradimensional illumination, not mindful, at all, of the background radiation.

It’s a movement along the borders, to a single point of light, but… yet… there exists nothingness inside the expanse, no stars, no night.   Flipping on the light, white filled my eyes, yanking me off the ladder and out of my mind.

“Hello?” I said and asked, “What… am… I… to find?”

I heard, “Everybody wants Heaven, but nobody wants to die. If there was no eternal reward would you still follow behind? Everybody wants to live forever, but no one wants to be a slave watching eternity go by.”

Dead on our feet,  dead asleep, still needing milk, all just rows of dull eyed sheep.

I cracked open the can that is my mind, left it on the shelf and that nonsense behind, reprogrammed my DNA as I stepped outta line, out into the sunshine, feeling so fine.

By malakhai jonezs
(C) Copyright 2017

Post Date:  11/18/2017


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