American Patriot 2.0

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I, declare that all people are created equal,
Don’t pass on this, just pass along this jewel,
Eyes on the prize, eyes on the sparrow,
American Patriot 2.0, the sequel.

Glasses up and Happy Fourth,
All colors pop and sparkle.
The Year 2024th, so let us push forth,
On the fulfillment and promise,
Of what it is,
To be an American,
A people who can,
Reflect on the struggles and injustices,
And empathize because of what it is,
And what it means to be free,
For the American child plenty…
Of Hope for Opportunities
And Optimism for the American dream,
Flowing through arteries,
To perfect the Union to be,
For Black, Native, all Marginalized,
A dream, none to soon, finally realized,
To be more inclusive for you and me.
A good life to be, a good day to finally see…

by malakhai.jonezs
(C)Copyright 2020