Summer Breeze

It was a Summer breeze, on a Saturday eve, from some time ago freed, that carried on its winds, a thought conceived. I placed my cup on the ground, leaned my head back to the sound, so profound in it’s hypnosis reclaiming a memory recently found.

I reminisced on the only life I’ve lived. I recalled the only love I had to give, a life to build, with warmth, her winter days to fill. At the thought immersive, I told my heart – c’mon now be still.


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I remember the clouds above the haze, the ground covered white, trees etching their lines against the gray, their branches, at the edges frayed. On that day, my heart and love I gave away. Upon receipt of such a gift, I couldn’t say, if she understood what she had to this day, my heart, in love, at play, a phoenix returning from the grave, looking back from outer space…

…Inner stasis, in her orbit, held in by the heat in her kiss, a hundred million miles away, without delay, I had no choice but to stay, display my intent, pray she would say (sigh)… a wonder, a ray – of hope, my love to trade, for her heart in return, to discern, to define the truth of her soul untethered and undeterred, unencumbered by past misgivings and other things preferred.

She arrived in January. Wanting her to notice me, each day, between the months of February and May – inspiring the feeling of okay, the feeling that makes you want to just throw your hands up and give your heart away – Cuando ella dice mi nombre, corro para responderle.

Thinking back on it, the energy’s still kinetic, caught up in the spin, lost in the sauce, fragrant cinnamon, memories and cherry sin, lazily floating on the wind, spending hours in the shadows, glitter scattered, chemically addicted, slowly caressing her skin.

‘Cause Her voice was a melodic choice, setting the rhythm for our heartbeats, soul deep, nectar sweet, roots twisted beneath the sheets, to effervesce and refresh, absorbed by the humidity of the heat.

And Her kiss was the source of the bliss, and in this, to enlist, our whispers spoken in word and verse. Up late nights, we converse, traversing across stars, across the universe…

Her aura celestial, immeasurable, better to explain. Her aurora magnetic and beautiful, I couldn’t abstain. Lighting candles to sustain the atmosphere of the room, her mood to maintain, bringing us into focus, bringing us into the picture, my memories sparked and triggered, something to remember – like Summer in November, Summer in December, definitely something to remember.

The thought itself was like a Summer breeze on a Saturday eve, coffee colored, brown-eyed, superfly, caramel, and sexy…consumed by the scene, of the flowers we see, blossoming through the snow on the verdant leaves, of the trees.

But to be real, all I’m doing is wasting time, occupying my mind, recalling the scent of her style, reminiscing on the motions, upon motions, a smile, the look in her eyes conveying the notion, conveying the emotion, yet nuanced, a living love potion.

Yet and still Her smile is Summer in November, Summer in December, memories sparked and triggered, exquisitely delivered. It was definitely something to remember. Like the cooling relief from a Summer breeze on a Saturday eve.

By malakhai.jonesz
(C) Copyright 2019