Rocket Fuel

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A star packed sky dots the scene,
Hand in hand, a quixotic dream,
Jumping out of a Friday night,
And onto the movie screen.

Speed it up, slow it down.
We glide across the shoreline.
We out race the light,
We love in never ending night!

For It was written across the heavens,
In the letters of Cosmic dust,
And inside the wink of constellations,
Eighty percent love, twenty percent lust.

Just being real for what it’s worth.
A foretelling of our arrival,
Crucial, our impact on the Earth,
And to love’s survival.

We rock.
We roll.
We love.
We stroll, arm-in-arm-

“Malik…Malik, can you answer the question on inflation theory and the big bang?”

All eyes in the class were on him. “Um, can you repeat the question?”

The professor adjusted his glasses. “While this is science class, I’d prefer your mind stay on this planet.”

Malik nodded through his embarrassment, a feeling fostered by the laughter of the students, “Yes, Professor Scott.”

Through her brown curls, she looked over her shoulder and smiled at him. Her brown eyes widened, cosmic leftovers of ice and worlds orbited her pupils. She mouthed the words, “Show Me…”

Sling-shotting on the gravity of her smile, baptized in white light.
“..Show me how the kiss we embrace,
Was the same across countless worlds,
Across parallel Space.”

We are the stuff of stars!
Becoming more than what we leave behind.
Rocket fuel returning to the stars.
There is no space, there is no time.
There’s only this moment,
The Universe in rhyme.

Three part harmony,
Strumming String theory.
Beat the drums, bang the axe.
Set our souls on fire and explode.
Emerge like a phoenix,
Trace elements embedded in the echo.

We rock.
We roll.
We love.
We stroll, arm-in-arm,
Leaving comet trails behind our caress,
Adam and Eve in stasis adrift in Space.
Interstellar ambassadors of the human race.

By malakhai jonezs
(C) copyright 2016