Way Up High

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And If there is a God…
Somewhere way up high,
Way beyond the sky,
I will one day be free,
Be free to just be,
Feeling good, grinnin’ into the breeze.

Running free through the night air,
Escaping the mental trap house
Blue eyes and fair,
The deception laid bare,
The fog parted,
Breathing in rarefied air.

Only then slightly aware…
Of the fear spliced into, programmed into me.
Til then, I won’t be droppin’ to a knee,
To glass images along walls nor statues I see,
That exist below the clouds to subjugate me.

But on the day…
When I finally feel the weight of the locks,
Drop from wooden stocks,
The cultural mind tricks cease and stop.

I will lift my head high,
Raise my gaze, lift my eyes
Wish upon a star,
Throw a last kite into the sky!
My prayers for this world,
Written out line by line.

I’ll straighten my back and stand,
Float over past, petty demands,
Scratching at the itch within my hands,
Things I’d shown care for, once before.
Stretching out my hands,
Molded clay called Man.

Finally to be adored, maybe a love Sublime.
Finally released from simulated time,
Released from the assault on my soul and mind,
Reveling in the warmth of the sunshine,
Because freedom is mine.

So go ahead…
Clap ya hands and slap ya knee.
Look up at the stars grinnin’ back at me,
I’ll come back for you, I promise,
And…that’s a fact, you’ll see.

On that day, raise your eyes up high,
Hear the buzzing of the bee,
Alighting on blossoms in the trees,
Look up high,
look over them trees,
That’s where you’ll see me.
Strolling between heavenly glory.

But for now you won’t understand.
You really won’t comprehend,
What I’m speaking into your ear,
‘Cause you believe you already see,
And believe to be real what you already hear.

To be honest, I have a little fear,
A little fear about what’s near,
But I’m feeling too good to stop now,
Stomping through the undergrowth atop the clouds,
Feeling good, free and proud.

When they catch up to me,
They’ll find my voice quieted,
My heartbeat stilled,
Deep down in the ground,
My soul full, my heart filled,
Feeling good, free and proud.

That’s where I’ll lie,
Pointing up, beyond the sky,
Way up high,
Floating past my dreams and prayers,
Riding way up high,
Reclining in the crease of a kite,
Transformed into words,
Into a kiss, resting on lips,
Forever heard,
This existence preferred.

Whenever you hear them,
Hear these words,
You can be sure I’m feeling good.

by malakhai.jonezs
(C) Copyright 2018