Music to My Soul


Moonlight travels,
The shadows,
Draw to a close.

Ceiling fan whirs,
The restless stir,
Resisting repose.

I blend into,
Merge into,
Bring heat to the dark.
The sheen on a Moreno hue,
Resisting dissolution,
Into the fading light,
Holding you tight,
Into the late hours,
Into the maturity of the night.

The magic in your kiss blown.
The intent known,
Your dark secret,
Your body in shadow shown.

Be my suitor
Court me with your eyes,
Your desire.
The sexiness of your dance,
Spread your wings,
Take us higher.

The Sun need never return,
Put out to pasture.
This moment can’t ever end,
Intense is the pressure.

Softly yield,
To the color of my embrace.
So warm,
The dark,
Of my skin,
My muscle,
So blended,
Lips so full,
Touch so gentle.

I am the Whisper,
Accompanied by the warmth,
Just behind your ear.

I am the Melody,
The vibration,
In your words,
Spoken of in your fantasy.

The words,
Falling from your lips,
Wave after wave,
Harmoniously resonate,
In like amplitude,
The energy never dissipates,
In similar frequency,
Was always meant to be.
Your smile hints at what’s in store
Shaking me to the core,
Melting me away,
Exposing me more.

Tempt me,
Touch me,
Meet me at our spot
You know what I like to hear.
Tease me.

Your hands relax and stimulate.
Experienced in age and culture,
Entangled bed sheets,
Endlessly looping on repeat,
Spreading over me.

If you can hear this,
Soul clap in response,
You know I can’t resist.
You know this.
It’s music to my soul.
Soul music.

Exploring the landscape before me.
Admiring the fullness beneath me.
Full kisses on shoulder,
Full lips on neck.

Be my private dancer.
Let me be the music.
Full kisses on the small,
Full lips on thighs, on hips.

Your clever mind,
The Creator’s design.
Flow over me,
Your thoughts,
Calling out to me.

I feel the air,
The song on your lips,
In ya muscle,
In ya bones.

Feel it on your skin,
The rhythm in ya hips,
See it with your mind,
I’m just a stones –

Throw away,
from you,
Speak freely,
Tell me,
Watchu wanna do –

When swept away,
Haunting the essay,
On an indigo breeze.
Possessing me,
Resist, I cannot do.

Windows into your soul.
The airy expansion of mid-range.
The many layers of melody,
Lightly falling on closed eyes.
Within the rapture of divinity,

You know…
What I like to hear,
What I want to hear,
What I need to hear.
The inspiration is such music to my soul.

By malakhai jonezs
(C) Copyright 2016


    1. Thank you very much Cathy! I’d rather use the human brain to allow the reader to go wherever they are gonna go by subtlety. Just a nuanced suggestion is as far as I can let myself go. Thanks again, Cathy.

    1. Darryl! I appreciate the love my man! Been bogged down with the job and haven’t been able to do anything other than keep some pieces in circulation so people don’t forget about me. Gotta make it back over to your site. I need that fire.

      1. I hear you man. Good strategy! I’ve been reading your poetry and it has inspired me to upload more poetry and less political content (or, at least, merge the two).

        Take it easy bro!

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