Mariposas Y Lluvia


Like attentions fixed upon Winter,
Floating to the ground.
Creeping madness imagining snows melt,
Cooling the brow.
Found floating in the sharing of thought,
Finding like rest in burial sought.

Cupping handfuls,
Bathing in the abstraction for hours.
The nuanced intentions,
Sesame the arms of flowers.

Toe touching head,
A still of curved form.
Flipping the pages,
The emotion gaining momentum.
The taste and feel never leaving,
Her mind to the concept clinging.

Swaying on aromas of bent neck and enfolded arms.
Unaware of direction,
Faintly aware of motion.

Closed eyes and awakened soul,
In the serenity of a caress.
Sleepy energy like a warm milk evening,
Her rest in his body,
Soon to dreams this room leaving.

Hearing the words.
Reading the emotion.
The dreams and experiences,
Providing the notion.
That love could be so peaceful,
That love could even express rested.
Content to be with hearts full.
Physics and rationale arrested.
Reminding me of a viewpoint.
That poetry speaks the truth,
A love potion.

by malakhai jonezs
© Copyright 2016

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