1. I did, but I’m sure I’ve heard just about everything I’ve posted as sayings somewhere else before, if only in pieces.

  1. I don’t think many people even think of what power entails before giving it away to people.
    There’s frequently an inability to think of any other person as just that, another person, as vulnerable as anyone else.
    Putting people on pedestals is a terrible affliction. Actor X may be wealthy, a great at his craft and famous worldwide… I don’t really care. More importantly are they a good character?
    Ability holds power which it should, however people seem to struggle to seperate what someone is good at and how they are.

    Putin is not more powerful than me for example. But I’m not naive enough to know he has many levers he can pull, but then it becomes a chain of command issue and sadly there are wayyyy to many people willing to follow orders unquestionably <that is one of the great weaknesses of humans.

    1. Hey man! Fionn it’s good to see you back active! It’s been a while. I’m guessing you have some new stuff. Gonna have to mosey over to your site.

      I agree with you on power. People give by abdicating responsibility, wishing to be lead or participating in collectively making the best decisions for them all.

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