Waving Goodbye


She laid her head on her grandmother’s hand and cried. “Gammaw, I don’t want you to die.”  Tears streamed down her face.

“I will miss you too baby.  It’s best that we all have to go at some point.  The heart has only so much love in it.  If we all stayed around and never left, we’d use it all up.”  Gesturing with her hand, she snatched at the air.  “There wouldn’t be enough heart left over to love new little ones, like you.” Her grandmother smiled.

She began to ramble on about something or someone. Some place out of time. Her signal was breaking up. Her breathing became labored, became more shallow.

Her grandmother’s eyes opened as though she was seeing something; hearing someone calling to her.  Her spirit burst forward like a rocket, while her body barely moved.  The lights dimmed in reverence.  Everyone sat or stood around her in silence.  Silently waving her home.

By malakhai jones
(C)copyright 2016

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