Making Biscuits with Breakfast


“I mean, if I had to categorize one over the other.  Trip hop is a bit more down tempo.  But then again, electronica, EDM, gets a bit down tempo too.  Like for example –  XXYYXX or Alina Baraz with Galimatias – trip hop or electronica?”

“Trip Hop,” he responded.

“I’d say it has a bit of down tempo seasoning, with a layer of chopped and screwed with regard to XXYYXX, but still in the electronica category.” She replied. “It’s like anything…  If you experience it enough, you’ll develop a finer palate for these things – like snow.  How many types of snow can you name?”

“Flurries, sleet, snow…light snow…uh.”  It didn’t take long for him to begin to struggle to find more words.

“Exactly my point!” She said. “It’s like being an Eskimo and referencing snow.   They have over fifty words–”

“Wait, do they really have fifty words to describe snow or is that an urban legend?  Also the preferred nomenclature is–”

“Okay, I’ll see your preferred nomenclature, the Inuit people, and raise you one…they do have fifty words for snow.” She gestured with her hand to add emphasis. “Anyway, as I was saying, comparing you to the Inuit on snow knowledge is like comparing a guy wearing shorts and a tank, running in January in Upper Michigan, to a snowologist – no comparison.” She placed the cup on the table, taking note of the progressive states of three water rings, before continuing. “You lack the sensitivity to be aware of the differences.  Anyway…” She lay back in the booth.  “I love the floaty feel.”

He slid his drink to the other side of the table and laid back next to her.  “I see what you mean.  The bass line is slow.  The vibe is so sensual.  There’s just a bit of tension in the melody.”

“Yeah, that’s it.  There’s a sensual tension to it.”  She replied.

She walked into the apartment and turned on the lights.  He walked in behind her and closed the door.  “Can I get a drink?” He asked.

She pointed him toward the cabinet.  Walking over toward the couch, she removed her jacket and turned on some music.

♪♪ I’m open wide
I want to take you home
We’ll waste some time
You’re the only one for me ♪♪

The speakers pumped out the overtures of love and lust, while he walked over to the window. He handed her a drink, while looking out into the night sky, watching the constellation of city lights twinkle in the distance.

Red lines streaked away, while racing white lines snaked into view. The background of the buildings situated faded into silhouette, while remaining foreground to a purple, nighttime sky.  She swirled the ice cubes around in her glass as they shared the view, before turning her attention to him with an accompanied exhale.

Taking a sip, she lowered her eyes while looking at him from the side, assessing and inventorying details about him.  His left hand was positioned on his hip with his watch catching the nearby light just as the color of his scent made landfall.

Her mind processed the stimulus as her eyes dilated in response.  Taking a slice of lemon, she ran it across her lips.  Reaching over, she grabbed the back of his neck and kissed the rum residue on his mouth.  She paused briefly as the two of them slowly began to figuratively push away from the shore.

The music’s notes burned and crinkled at the edges, lifting into the air on the smoke of the ambiance filling the room.   Slow sliding and twisting to the melody, their eyes roamed, scanning one another.  The hustle was on from the get up and go.  Hand checked; lips caressed.  His shirt fell to the floor.  The bass line dropped like a heartbeat.  “What?” He asked.

Hand clap. Tongue twirl.  “Nothing,” she said.  She kissed his chest while her hands held, gripped, and explored.

She pushed him down onto the couch.  Breaths became shallow as they began to kiss, caress, and taste.  Pushing past boundary waters, they rocked with the open sea.  She held his face within her hands. Their eyes locked while her fingers pulled up lightly, releasing her drug, trailing the chemical across his face. His pupils dilated with it’s absorption. His lips puckered. “Shhhh.” She directed him to be quiet while she kissed his lips and face.

Lingering just at the edge, she devoured his exhalations. The smoke of his desire effervesced to the surface of his skin.  Pulsing out of his open mouth.  Concentric rings floating away into nothingness.  Slowing in the moment, her face hovered just above his face. She put her mouth over his.  Closing her eyes, she focused on the feel of his breath on her lips. Licking them, she tasted the warmth on them.

They floated along as the evening gave passage to the daylight of the following morning.

♪♪…That thickness.  The kind that make you get up making biscuits with breakfast, so gone. ♪♪

The morning light shown through the window.  He opened his eyes and rolled over to face her.  Leaning into her, he kissed her shoulders.  She sat up in the bed and looked over at him. Smiling, she said, “I love you.”

With some hesitation, he responded, “I love you too.”

“I am so in love with you.”  She smiled gleefully.  The white of the curtain lifted on the morning breeze. “I was thinking, I should probably get a key to your place and keep some clothing there.  I want to spend every minute I can with you.”

His eyes widened.

“You should be afraid, right now. Telling someone you love them is a serious thing.”  She said while he sat up in the bed. “It’s not something to state lightly.  The heart you collect could be a dangerous one, if you are not ready to take care of it, properly.  I mean look at Bobby and Whitney.  You have to be careful with whom you fall in love.”

With a quizzical look, he asked, “Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I think you need to take a little more time and be a little more careful with what you say to me, instead of responding with what you think I want to hear.”  She shook her head.”   I’m not in love with you.” At least not yet. And that’s okay.” She grabbed his hand.  “I am enjoying my time with you without the responsibilities of love.”

“Let’s just be…Be in the moment, be in the now.”

♪♪ Broken hearts are made for two
One for me
And one for you

Tell me have you heard the news
We are now in love♪♪

by malakhai jones
(C) Copyright 2016

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First lyric quote from “You Look So Fine” by Garbage
Second lyric quoted from “Brave” by Jhene Aiko


  1. N/m the chopped sentence. What I was adding was that the part where they talk of love is really well done, a subtlety to it and a natural feel to the whole situation and how love is easily said, but not always meant.

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