And Then You Die…


I found love.

It sprouted atop the trees.
My top new priority,
She, caught me,
with her Latin-Mami Steez.
Sun-touched, at ease,
Simple destiny,
We, In love to be.
Swinging through the leaves,
Arm in arm, twisting up the vines,
A touch of the divine.
We hopped from branch to line,
Dancing in motion, pure emotion,
Keeping the same time.
Two birds that belonged together,
Tethered, and nestled, long, under each other.
The day drew to dusk, with everything still in place.
So In God we trust, eyes closed with an image of her face.
But the following morning, only brought mourning.
Never knew what was in store, two birds no more.
One alone and it shown.
Heavy-hearted, black feathered, for the dearly departed.
I’d fallen in love, but then I died…

I found love.

Watched you three be birthed.
Three angels touched down on earth.
Best friends, to be, dive and tumble.
Bumble and just be,
Everything renewed and exciting to see.
We caught Jovan rain with a rocking hug,
Tossing laughter into the sky,
Bounce, bounce, trampoline and fly,
Up, up, way up high,
We climbed dreams in Malaysia,
Floating to the ground.
Voices a joyous sound, echo and resound,

Off youth with no awareness of limitations.
Young lives fueled by imagination,
Finding hiding places in Brazil,
A wonderful sensation.
Counting with eyes closed in Madagascar, whisked away,
To the moons of Jupiter, we laughed and played.
Frozen tag and lemon-head laughs – we laid,
In the grass among the stars – I’m forgetful.
The feelings and memories never coming undone.

But I’m afraid, I have to let you all know,
I have to say goodbye and let you all go.
Heavy-hearted, pour out a drink for the dearly departed.
I’d fallen in love, but then I died…

Never more terrified –
Not because of the unknown,
Nor the loss of life.
No more struggle. No more strife.
But for the jewels I’m leaving behind,
On the other side of time.

Just as the shit was getting good,
It was then that I died,
Traveled into the Sky.

by malakhai jones
(C) Copyright 2016

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  1. “Three angles touched down to earth”–are these angels your children, M? I wondered because we writers always have bits and pieces of ourselves tucked inside our words.
    Beautiful imagery…beautiful word flow. I enjoyed.