Three People You Meet in Life


You can spot the people for whom achievement tastes the sweetest.  Those people who were not overnight successes – who struggled – got knocked down and got up.  Their gap of achievement wasn’t so shallow enough to largely be forgotten.  There is no air of entitlement in their character.  These people can be spotted by their extended hand.

Their achievement I speak of is life achievement.  When they thought they’d finally arrived at the mountaintop, it was only then they could see there was still further to go. And yet, they did not wait to reach the mountaintop before turning around to extend a hand.

You can spot these people cheering on and supporting other people in their struggles.  You see, these people don’t wait to be asked to be a mentor or friend to others or to mentor those who are already well on their way.  These people extend a hand to those in need.

These people were truly grateful for the struggle in their achievement.  So much so, they naturally reached out to lift others – to invest in others.  And they asked for nothing in return from the hand they grasped.


By malakhai jones
© Copyright 2016
This is dedicated to William Clay, Kwame Salter, and Eugene Hill (R.I.P) who did these things for me.  These men, these giants, taught me to live my life the same way – Reach out before being asked.


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