The Seduction


Tasting it on the air.
Smelling it on the wind.
I see it in her eyes.
Escaping from her skin.

Filling me up.
Red rising level.
Her neckline flush.
Her hair disheveled.

Her hand glides.
The bloodlust overtaking me.
I close my eyes.
The scent saturating the olfactory.

Holding me in position.
I hear the blood flow heading south.
Resisting the temptation.
Ruby red framing her tongue and mouth.

Time slows in the moment.
A shifting of the fulcrum.
The tipping point reached.
The inflection point breached.

I see the pleasure on her skin,
The drug on her lips.
The amygdala dropped into,
Her chemical, steeps.

Nostrils flaring.
Breathing in heavily.
I imagine consuming it…
Consuming her, lovely.

Its wet, its warmth.
Just a taste.
To quench the thirst.

Maybe just a kiss?
A small sample.
Would I be remiss,
for a single petal,

Or two?

By malakhai jones
© Copyright 2016
image is property of malakhai jones