purpleBlue and Purple meeting at the fingertips.
Interlaced as Misty Blue yields to Purple undercurrents.

A deep pull on Purple,
Fills the lungs,
Into the bloodstream and to the brain.

The ghost afloat,
Arms outstretched.
Purple darkness surrounds.

A slow and soothing exhale on Purple Woos.
Air currents flow past the body.
Purple corpuscles trail oxygen behind their collisions.

Spacious enough with room for Infinity.
Traveling through time, in mind.
The captain’s helm.

A mahogany throne,
Lined with purple.
Seating one subject.

Laying prostrate underneath a Purple haze.
Nearly unconscious.
Fingertip deep.
Water en-route around them.

Slowing pulse,
Meted out by the bass guitar.
Relaxed physique,
Canvassed in notes.

Discovering the sedating effect of Purple.

By malakhai jones
© Copyright 2016

original img source:  http://www.psdgraphics.com/file/water-drop.jpg


  1. Oh, this was beautiful! The flow is amazing. I believe my favorite part is

    “Spacious enough with room for Infinity.
    Traveling through time, in mind.
    The captain’s helm.”

    Powerful images – thank you for this poem 🙂

    Also, I was reminded of two songs while reading it, perhaps you are familiar with them:

    Purple by Skin and
    Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze

    1. Yes!! Purple Haze which is also a name for weed. I swear, it wasn’t intended as a “So high poem,” but I think a lot of people think it is. You have a really musical soul. I could hear it in your writings. I’m the same way. My posts, “Music to my soul,” “Coltrane,” “Voodoo,” and Jasmine in New Orleans” are my most musical. Thanks for sharing your poetry and comments and for reading mine as well.

      1. I kinda knew you knew that song – since you also mention “Purple Haze” in your poem 🙂 It’s just a really good piece of poetry.

        Oh, thank you – I like to think of myself as musical. I just haven’t thought of myself as musical in poetry though…

        You’re very welcome – thank you for sharing yours! I have just read “Music To My Soul” and to be perfectly honest, it really felt like music to my soul – and so much more.

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