He said,
“I am ghost,
A shell of myself.
Hug and hold my emotions
With no place to lay my head.”

She said,
“We are ghosts,
Attempting the kiss,
Lacking the substance of an embrace,
We pass through one another.”

We appear as shades.
Shadows of our former selves,
Thrown about by hurricane winds.
Pushed toward the arms of one another.

The relief in a caress and offered shoulder,
Out of reach yet present in a touch denied.
Straining to see into the darkness,
Looking for the light,
Lost in this land.

“We are Ghost.
Dreaming of being people,
Who are available to touch, kiss, and console.
Having substance, being whole.”

by malakhai.jonezs
(C) Copyright 2016

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  1. The dead and forgotten. One heck of a torture, and perhaps you were going for this, but it was meant to represent those alive as well as the mythology? And the pain of being isolated, of missing out is nicely laid out.