The Choices We Make


Shadows fell across the evening hours.
Unpacked boxes lay around the room.
Dancing to the music,
They held each other close,
Slowly spinning around the floor,
Their eyes searching for one another.

He said to her, “Lemme be your long distance, love interest.”
What can never be,
But nonetheless almost was,
That tingling feeling in your stomach,
Butterflies, maybe love.

“Look up at the same stars I see!”
Blowing kisses that meet in between.
It’s only a thought in as much as thoughts can be.
Turning loose the touch, “Just say, you’ll at least, dream of me.
Knowing in your heart, I could love you and you possibly me.”

He asked her to, “Fly high with me!
Dare to dream. dare to be!”
How you see yourself when you are resting,
Watching wishes paint the melody,
Constructing your reality bending world of possibilities.

In her hesitation, he was swept up and carried away into the clouds.  
Her hands shading her eyes, she watched him safely from the ground.  
Watching him fly out of view.  
He was gone forever, she knew.

Love too has it’s season,
It’s time an expiration.
Our actions having their good reasons,
To keep us from having higher expectations.

But these are the choices we make.

by malakhai jones
(c) Copyright 2016

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