Sweet and Sour Sauce


Funny how Love never tastes so sweet,
As when its doing you so wrong.

Remember when you first saw Love?
How unassuming it looked.
Your eyes fixated upon it, while
You, caught the smell – the aroma.
Wanting it. Desiring it.
That flirtatious smile it flashed you.
That knowing confidence on its face.
You remember don’t you?
There was never a better feeling.
The dopamine release had you,
Head in the clouds as you floated through the day.

Remember how it had you curled up,
When it left?
You hadn’t been done with it yet.
All of your begging and feigned attempts to ignore it,
Fell on deaf ears and a blind eye.
It left you twisted in the bed sheets.
Left you to sweat out its chemical.
One o’clock. Two o’clock.
Staring unblinking at the clock.
Overcome with fever and chills,
Until the venom worked its way through.
The hollow ache tasted so sweet,
So real in that moment.

You know it.
Hiding out in the crowd.
Waiting for you to drop your guard.
A quick glance at the checkout aisle.
Witty banter at the coffee shop.
That same eye contact.
That familiar and flirtatious smile…


by malakhai jones

Copyright 2016


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