Brand Labels


I rolled up in it
Stepped out of it
Sipped dopamine from it
Popped my collar to it
Caught a glance or two
Because of it
Been defined by it
Been paranoid
And Filled with pride
All attributed to it
I’ve lied about it
Been covered in it
Sometimes rejected it
Then embraced it
Pumped my fist ‘cuz of it
Bumped my speakers to it
Pulled a few women
And lost a few
Due to it
Spoke in the vernacular
“Wassup?” Or
“Nice to meet you!”
And introduced myself with it.
At times fell,
To my knees,
And prayed to it

But hold on,
Just one second.
Before you attempt
to label me,
Dismiss me with wave of hand.
Know that this one,
Just doesn’t apply,
to my,
Personal brand.

By malakhai jones
(C) Copyright 2016

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