An Open Window


The once lazy breeze of Summer
Overtaken by the quickened pace of Autumn winds
The Spirits moving between the branches
Leaves blossoming into pumpkin orange and Thanksgiving browns
Trees etching the dark lines of their brush onto the sky’s canvass

The air itself looks colder
Saturated with a damp hue.
I can be a part of it all
Comfortably behind heated glass

Sun squeezed dapples of sunlight pock the kitchen table
Before they hide and seek, dodge a frozen tag, double-dutch, and race toward the Sun’s outstretched hand

It watches as we turn away.
Our hands turning loose the connection,
As we move on.
Exchanging, as always, at this time of year our sorrowful good-byes.

It awaits a new love
And soon will forget us.
It’s yellow to be replaced by opening school bus doors releasing children’s laughter into the afternoon air. While I…
While I grieve our parting.

Promises made of weekend visits and phone calls to sustain
Until we can be together again.
Missing its presence warm against my skin.

I’m missing Summer already

By malakhai jones
© Copyright 2016

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