Drowning her senses with energies she hadn’t recently had the pleasure of visiting, Parisian rains continued to pour.  Raindrops, following one another in the downpour, formed wet fingerprints against the skylight.

A semblance of near suffocation.
Freezing for an instant to decay into the meeting of two seas.
Their borders were indistinguishable.

She tastes his smile.
He cups her neck.
Tempo shifting and changing as if vectors of wind tumbling over one another;
Softly yielding tidal waves of emotion to engulf.

Breaking the surface.
Reaching forward with mouths open.
Exhalations to keep death at bay.
A death that will surely come in the closed eyes of exhausted satisfaction.

His body in metamorphosis.
Imagining himself as liquid pouring forth;
Dipping his head, plunging deep into the middle of her.
Tongue touching torso while she rubbed his head and neck.

Her hands felt their way down his back.
An image of one entity continually changing its dimensions.
Attempting mitosis, as the one becomes visible as two;
Waxing in the high energy of the storm’s worst;
Waning in the dénouement of its dying winds.

With one thought, touch, and embrace,
The tide headed out.
Caught in the undertow;
Both lost in a flood of climax,
Wet within the swell of one another.

by malakhai jonezs

(c) copyright 2016

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      1. Thanks for sharing what you felt. I see it as i write it and i hope it has the effect of creating those images in the reader’s mind. I’m still at the amateur level though.

    1. Thanks Cathy! This one is probably as far as I’ll push the boundaries in the sensuality. Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been consumed with life and haven’t been able to write stuff as of late. I’ll get back to it though. So many partial or seeds of thought just sitting in the crates.

      1. Thanks for being of assistance and for checking out my website! I ended up leaving WordPress and moving to Squarespace in order to get that nice and clean look. Glad you like it. 🙂

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