Night is Almost Here

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It’s not too late – the glow of the Sun hangs, just inside the upper corner of the window,  just under the shade.  The gold topped leaves giggle and bob from the tickling of the Sun’s rays.   Bubbles float upward, undulating and rotating, under the rhythm of the music.  Faraday caged by rainbows shimmering around a smile and a thought, mostly mystic.

Birds glide and dart through the trees, making plans for dinner and what movie to catch.   And just that soon, the painted blue strokes of drifting clouds turn to lavender and pink, absorbing the hushed tones of the setting Sun, from the brushed tips of the treetops.  Basslines or my heartbeat.  Leaning back in the chair, I exhale a slowed melody.  It’s got me so high while yet still impatiently waiting here.

The headlights top the hill before turning into the driveway.  Stepping out of the car, I catch a quick glance of the soft pink material of her blouse – catching the glitter, catching the breeze as it settles down, next to her Aztec cinnamon brown.  The gloss on her lips catches the glow from the light post, framing her smile.  Beautiful.  Amazing. Threading through the relaxed, late evening, sensual style.

The treeline has finally retreated into silhouette marking her arrival.  Long.  And Dark.  Her hair falls onto my arms, falling over them, to the Earth.  Running my hands through the electric blue of her aura.  We embrace and I swallow her whole, into my body.   Looking into her brown eyes, Slow winin’, our footsteps are illuminated by her gossamer glow, adrift on the nighttime air, with the hills passing below.

Night is here and with her arrival I’m reminded of the lyrics from a Frank Ocean song – “…do you not think so far ahead, ’cause I’ve been thinking ’bout forever.”

by malakhai jones
(c) Copyright 2017


  1. An ode to nature, I would say. What a beautiful picture you’ve painted for the reader, with the birds and the leaves and the wind. And love! That’s the icing on the cake. Great work, MJ.

  2. As alway, you paint vivid pictures with your words, M, from nature’s glory to your lady’s beauty, you bring it all to life. And in a slow, dreamy way to coincide with the sunset. Marvelous!

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