Good Morning

warm gold

Using my hand to shade my eyes.

Standing at the edge of the countryside.

High atop a cliff seaside.

The sun rising majestically out of the East.

Early clouds ride the wavelengths of diffuse blue.


My eyes seeing it all.

But this morning is different.

Everything covered in gold.

The wind, warm against my face.


This morning.

Unlike other mornings before.

The wind blows around me, yet silence surrounds.

The ocean flows toward me, disappearing beneath my feet.


The Beauty of it belies the Elegant mathematics.

The simplicity in the cause and effect.

The interchange of systems.

The rocking of the atom,

buoyed on the wind.


Trying hard to commit this moment,

The emotion to memory.

My heart seeing this all.

And everything covered in gold.


by malakhai jones
© Copyright 2016