Blackberry Brew


Your thoughts, my thoughts, his thoughts.
It’s all relative!

If you were me, then sit right down and express yourself here.
And though I know it’s rhetorical because
my shoes are another man’s shoes.

What is it that you think you can learn?
Or do you only walk the mile and manipulate events to
suit your own hypothesis?

A dash of me. A dash of you. A dash of issues in a cup of Blackberry Brew.
Steaming up from the cauldron of witches’ brew.

Drumbeats, salsa, and mysticism.
Theism and technological systems.
Politics, ideals, and cynicism.

Life! an amalgamation of concepts.
Inhale the aroma surrounding you.
A forum for me and you.
A steaming cup of Blackberry Brew.
Knotted mug of Banyan root.
Herbal tea of metaphysical stew.

Your thoughts, my thoughts, his thoughts,
It’s all relative!
Except for the eternal truths.
Truths that must be shown and will always shine through,
up and out of the cauldron of Blackberry Brew.

Lofty ideals, twisted souls,
Altruism and avarice control.
Spittin’ knowledge and opinion.
Bes’ be supported with concrete information.

My right to brandish arms!
My right to life, religion, and the pursuit to be happy!
My right to love free!
My right to an education and a degree!
Saying no to mental slavery!
Chest forward, head high, strutting off into destiny,

Who knows… Who knows?
What I’ve got cookin’ in my head.
Dreams of enterprise while sleeping in my bed.
Fluid muscle on the stalk of a cheetah’s back.
Prey the obstacles to my ambition survive the attack.

A cauldron, a mug, shaped in visionary goals.
From the achievements and sacrifices of my ancestors’ souls.
Teamin’ with thought provoking culture and issues,
all inside my cup of Blackberry Brew.

by malakhai jones
© Copyright 2016

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  1. We all need to be 25 or so again, for just one long night, and sit around a fire together sipping Blackberry Brew. What fun that would be–but just for a night. 😁

    1. That’s an interesting story…er, uh, thought. I might have to give some dedicated thought to what I would do given the opportunity to be 25 again. I want to go back to the summer leading up to that 25th bday. I’d just graduated from grad school.

      1. That would be interesting, to go back and see if one might take a different road knowing what lay down the path they did take. And if that different road would have proved to be any better in the long run. Hmmm….

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