Invasion of the Body Snatchers


This is a public service announcement.
Any uniform is sufficient for a person,
Who votes solely along the lines of promised employment.
Negligent in the welfare of others,
Dismissive of their deal.
Uniform in thinking like many others,
Who would sell their species for a promised meal.

Without a single regard for moral and social principles,
This individual is subhuman.
Not based on brain capacity, head size, melanin –
Intelligence, gender, or ethnic origin –
But merely based on his or her lack of empathy,
For a fellow human.

These individuals are invaders who walk among us,
Pointing out the “others,” who aren’t like “us.”

Tossing hi-fives, celebrating firsts.
The fifteenth, pall bearing the body politic in a hearse.
Shaking chicken bones, hexes and curses, to keep you in the dark,
While they are cutting holes in ya purses,
Putting their fingers in your pockets.

They look, walk, smell, and smile like us.
Sewing discord and harvesting the fear of “them.”
They consume the vulnerable,
Separate the strong,
And devour the lone hero.

The invaders are now here.
They stand, talk, drink, and smile like us.
They are a subspecies and Inhuman living among us,
Fostering fear in an election year.

by malakhai jones
(c) copyright 2016

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  1. Right on point all the way through without spelling it out.
    It’s utterly true, there are people who simply do not care for others on any level, possibly on the soxiopath/psycyhopath level but not necessarily. The world since day one has been plagued by greed and power grabs.
    Animals usually eat because they are hungry, to survive. With human inteligence that has become twisted into a desire for riches, to keep people down, to care only for the self. It all starts and ends in the home aka parents. I’ve been looking into it a lot on that level, and every generation is never affected by anthing more than how they are raised.
    Great pieve Malakhai.

  2. People need to think for themselves, but sadly, most have a herd mentality. Politicians know this, and pander to them, promising everything will be handed to them if only you give your vote. Might as well give your soul.

  3. True. I’m afraid some days it feels like this subhuman species has taken over and real people with clean hearts and empathy are a dwindling minority. Kindness is in a desperate need for a comeback. Great post, Jones. Your words strike all the right chords. 🙂