Bikini Bottom


The waves rolled over the house tops.  Saplings struggled against the currents.  Tides rolled in, leaving behind frothy clouds, roiling the surface, gathering sky as they moved across, crashing in on themselves, and spreading out the mixture of air and cloud.

A line of red lights streamed off into the distance ahead of me.  Reverse currents of white lights pushed the outflow of commuters from the city.  I sat in morning traffic, with my windows down, watching the wakes from the bottom of the boats overhead, break the surface of the sky.

I hoped that she was thinking of me, thinking to come back to me.  If only I had shown her love, she’d be with me and  I would have awakened next to her this morning.

But it’s just another morning commute in the town of Bikini Bottom.

by malakhai jones
(c) Copyright 2016


    1. Thanks Cathy! I wasn’t sure if I had actually pulled it off. So I really appreciate the feedback on it. It was difficult to create what I was seeing as an underwater scene based on a land and sky view without being overt with it.