Valentines Day: Love Jams

16 old skool love songs. Ā I’ll do a different list with younger artists.

1. So Beautfiul – Musiq Soulchild

2. Naturally Mine – Al B. Sure

3. Simply Beautiful – Al Green

4. Un-thinkable – Alicia Keys

5. Don’t Say No, Just Say Yes – Avant

6. 50 Candles – Boyz to Men

7. Beauty – Dru Hill

8. Reasons – Faith Evans

9. Say Yes – Floetry

10. Love Scene – Janet Jackson

11. Imagination / Crown Royal – Jill Scott

12. All I do – Jill Scott

13. I (Who Have Nothing) – Luther Vandross

14. Adore – Prince

15. Cherish the Day – Sade


16. Sunday – Sylvia


  1. Great list bro! We have very similar taste in music. I am a huge Prince fan and that Adore track is off the charts. So Beautiful is one of my favorite Musiq songs. I was going to put his “Someone” on my list.

    I am listening to “Imagination” by Jill Scott right now. It is good! Adding this one to the list as well.

      1. LOL. Shiiit you are more systematic than me! I have been telling myself I would sort my songs like that but I am yet to get around to it. For very practical reasons … songs should be categorized by mood/tempo, because you don’t want to have to keep skipping songs in the moment lol

      2. Man, I would go crazy if I had about 3,000 songs all randomly bouncing all over place. Sometimes I do that but rarely. Everything has a place and a place for everything. 80s,90s,slow, trip hop, rock, pop, hip hop, spitters, keys, impressionists, jazz, etc.

      3. You right. I have loose categories on Slacker but not on my phone, which has about 1,200 songs. The worst is when I am giving my mother a ride somewhere and playing a respectable song like Musiq’s “So Beautiful” and then all of a sudden you hear Tupac come on talking about “Hail Mary… run quick see, what do we have here NOWWW, do you wanna ride or die?!!?!” lmao

      1. That’s an interesting choice. I wasn’t familiar with that particular piece, but I looked it and thought, “That’s an interesting choice.” Diversity is an awesome thing. šŸ™‚

      2. Listen to the whole thing and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Those Russian Romantics know how to “do it.” In the classical world, this particular piece is considered aural sex!

      3. You mean like all 42 minutes? Who has got that kinda stamina? You don’t know me well, but my personality is to crack a joke first, ask for forgiveness later (if. If it fails).

      4. Hahaha, ok then, can you handle just the first movement, Allegro ma non tanto? At least just try and control yourself until the climax of the cadenza. Lol!

  2. Super list Malakhai. I’m especially impressed that you have Jill Scott on your list – I’m a diehard fan of hers. Most of all, I am so excited that something I started in my little corner of the world spiralled to get to you. That is just pure Magic. See you around Friend! Chevvy šŸ˜€

    1. Hi Chevvy8! I am glad you started this. I promoted it to others as well to see what they would come up with. I could have had an all Jill Scott list. I love the her melodies, voice, and lyrics. You just reminded me. I need to post the younger artists’ list too.

      1. Great Stuff! I’m really excited that you’re promoting it. Now here’s the challenge – many of us “Old School” folk are able to still enjoy music that is 40+ years old. I worry that young musicians do not seem to have that longevity. I’m hoping our conversations and promotions like these can make some kind of difference. Love and Peace! Chevvy.