Roots Twisting

Readers Aged:  18+

I ask for forgiveness.
Enticing her into the darkness
And solace of my soul.
A kiss to fulfill my dreams.
An embrace to make me whole.


Living by her laugh.
Bathing in her smile.
Kneeling embrace.
Desirous eyes.
City night beneath
Intertwining thighs.

Fabrics swaying in the confidence of her stride.
My dreams of being with her,
Expressed perfectly in the sublime.
An Alvin Ailey dance troop groove.
Slow-winin’ in her eyes is the mood.
Backs arching, roots twisting, consuming love,
Shades of brown clothed in the feathers of a dove.

Under a warm Sun
At the edges of her imagination.
Consume my love,
Consume my passion.
Sexy deliverance from solitary neglect and lonely.
Real love for her arms and eyes only.

The celestial mirrored in my hue.
Tracing the curvature of her lines.
Melting into her shadow.
Be me by darkness of night.
Losing myself within her.
Inhaling her electric high.

by malakhai jonezs
(C) Copyright 2016


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