Elzhi – “Time Travel”

Elzhi is a MC out of the D, better know as Detroit.  He spent time with the hip hop group Slum Village, where he penned the words for the song, Time Travel.  The beat is gritty, grimey, and a bit ethereal which is the perfect complement for the dark insights and observations expressed in his words.

Elzhi’s not well known unless you seek out MCs who put in work to watch film before game day.  He won’t be in most hip hop fans’ top ten list.  But damn if he shouldn’t be at least mentioned in those conversations for consideration.  Check out his lyrics below.   

You not a grown man yet kiddo.  The sun shines the same time the rain wets ghettos.  The sky cries tears on my window pane, puffing endo flame keeps me a little sane, hose a (dude) down around wars.  Police clocking, piece cocking, knocking down doors. Down the streets where the priests often rebuke the beast through tithes and peace offerings. It’s gang graffiti on the back of the church.

Neighborhoods ran down from the blacks and it hurts. From young bloods with cracks in they shirts.  Eh yo the drug dealers pat’em on the back for they work.  They rather…flip a bird than a burger.

My (dude) got shot robbing a video store and died poor. Wanted the newest whip, order champagne, and highest floors.  The lowest taxes, vanity killed our sanity. They grow as Baptists and Christians, hope you listening.  May my mind be infected by divine intervention, instead it’s all about (chicks) and winding my system and head.  Getting bread, presidents heads and my fist and wrists glistening.

I never had none, young girls pregnant with babies and never had one. Put’em through death and it’s crazy.   They never knew they dads. The blocks raised us. Watching Scar Face, feeling it when they cock gauges.  And they wonder why we die, lie in locked cages. A lot changes with hot bangas..DAMN!


  1. These lyrics are hard! Like Michael Eric Dyson said: these rappers are like modern day Shakespeares. We cannot dismiss them based on superficial assessments or because of their vulgar language. A lot of times, as demonstrated here, they are rendering some deep sociological analyses. Thanks for sharing this one bro!

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