Time Travel


Woke up this morning, couldn’t remember if you were talking to me or not so I went with the less stressful route and assumed you weren’t.
I could feel the silence; The avoided eye contact

You do your thing in that room
I’ll do my thing in this room
You look into your phone
I’ll look into mine

Why are we back at this again?
Occupying the same space
Could just as well be a different time
Inside this house
Inside this room
Inside this bed
Light years apart

What are we arguing about, but not talking about this time?
The tension hangs between us – icing us
Passing you on the way to the kitchen
Passing you on the way into the bathroom
Reaching past you in the bed

I don’t even know why you are angry.
Just another night
Laying next to you
One more kiss, not kissed
One more caress, not felt
One more night slipped away

Lacking salt
Lacking seasoning.
We are cheating life
Ghosts moving among the living
The payment on our carelessness will come due someday

Of all things,
We are being careless with time
T’come calling with the heat of our youth escaping into the ether
Leaving blankets of maturity to cover on cold nights
Too bad wisdom wasn’t with us

In the grand scheme of things
Our issues are small
However on the grand scale of life
this time lost is huge
It cannot be retrieved or refunded

Wait!  Are we talking again?
I’d better keep this conversation at the edges — on stuff we agree on — stuff that ain’t too difficult to discuss.

By malakhai jones
© Copyright 2016

img src: http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/x/temps-perdu-5218861.jpg


  1. I bet so many couples can relate to this. Stupid shit that seems magnified and reactions out of proportion with the rest of life…yup.


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