Quotable #121


Can’t quite remember where I heard this first, but it stuck with me ever since.

“Don’t take life too seriously, after all none of us are getting out alive.”

A quick search attributes this to a Jill Shalvis.

Very profound words.  This phrase causes the forehead to relax and the hair line to slide back.  Big problems drop from view as they shrink to caterpillar size.

It’s that right amount of snap-back that forces you to reevaluate issues you may be dealing with against the time you have or don’t have.  “Huh, this is too small to put energy on.”

So gon’ brush your shoulders off and keep it moving ‘cuz none of us are getting out alive.


  1. Its a good reminder.
    Death is often avoided as a topic at all, yet is the surest thing for all. Talking of it a lot isnt helpful but to avoid it entirely is to avoid reality which in the long term can effect how w treat each other and the world around us.

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