Quote Challenge Day 2



“Something that means something”
Poet: Fat Lip, from the Pharcyde

“You best believe I put in time to conceive
Deep concentration from sunrise to eve
And even in my sleep sometimes
Rhymes formulate
Free form,
lyrical storms
Falling from a cloudy brain
In my dream like state
Then I awake”


“The Rite”
– Poet: Redman

“Boy I’m that thorough, I’m like a pitbull
Windex in the pen to make it crystal.”


“Narrow Path”
– Poet: Blu

“Tryna tell my folks that flowing ain’t easy
Traveling down this yellow brick road until it frees me
I need a pen, I need a pad, I need a place to go
To get this shit lifted off a my soul.”


“Backroom freestyle on 106”
– Poet: Crooked I with Slaughterhouse

“I’m gone off the deep end
I’m a wolf, this industry’s my sheep skin
I’m out there hunting with my ink pen
I’m splittin’ atoms when the scientific spittin’ is getting at ‘em
I give them different patterns, they didn’t fathom.
They stealing my styles, before me, you didn’t have ‘em.
You rappers, made in my image, like when god was inventing Adam.”


“Time Travel”
– Poet: Elzhi from Slum Village

“My (*dude) got shot robbing a video store and died poor.
Wanted the newest whip, order champagne, and highest floors, the lowest taxes, vanity killed our sanity.
They grow as Baptists and Christians, hope you listening.
May my mind be infected by divine intervention, instead…”


“The Beautifullest Thing in the World”
– Poet: Keith Murray

“Y’all mythological (dudes) is comical
The astronomical is comin’ through like the flu bombin’ you
And embalmin’ your crew too
With the musical mystical magical, you know how I do
With word attack skills and vocabulary too
My rendition of this edition is all brand new”


      1. Yeah 🙂 I had a pretty solid Cd collection at one point and I think I mentioned before I used to go on rapboards text battling and discussing all kinds of rap, a lot of underground stuff. Amazing how much good music goes under the mainstream radar.

      2. Nearly 95% goes underneath the mainstream radar, if not more. J Cole, Kendrick, those are just a few of the ones getting air time that I donate money toward to continue working their craft.

      3. That’s nice.
        There are many parallels with writing in that respect, in fact a lot of creative endeavours. Whether through fortune or sheer persistence, someone gets to the upper echelons.

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