Quote Challenge Day 1

micI normally don’t do chain challenges.  Just not my thing, but when asked to do this one, I was like, why not.  I drop quotes into my writings quite frequently.  Today’s quotes are all from Nas.  He is one of the few, and I do mean few rappers, who can craft a story full of imagery with clever wordplay.  He highly influenced my writing style early on.

“Why shoot the breeze about it, when you can be about it.”

“I seen some cold nights and bloody days.  They grab me and bullets spray.  They use me wrong so I sing this song to this day.  My body is cold steel for real.  I was made to kill.  That’s why they keep me concealed.”

“You got a job part-time and school’s your night thing,
With dreams to settle down, it ain’t far from now,
You gettin interviewed, but your boss is into gettin’ screwed,
Typical day that the black girl sees,
Comin’ home wantin’ more from a college degree”


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