A Precarious Position


The kids were put to bed.  The doors had been checked.  Light from the kitchen covered the table and all of it’s contents.

He squeezed the soapy water from the sponge – the sound dribbled into the water.   Luther was carrying the melody out from the speakers.

“I wanna be the one you just can’t live without / I wanna be the one that you never fear or doubt / I wanna be the one you let give you the lovin.”

Stepping onto the speckled pattern kitchen tile, she walked toward him and said.

“You know… You’re a good father — and I love you.  But there’s a problem.  I need more.

  • I cook for us (health)
  • I’m the bread winner (finances)
  • We can’t talk about important issues concerning us (communication)
  • And I don’t rely on you all that much for intimacy” (intimacy)

Raising his eyebrow. Any words in response eluded him.

“I wanna be the one you always want to be with / I wanna say the words that your body and soul need to hear / I wanna be the one that you let give you all the lovin’ 

A precarious position to be in, no?

By malakhai jones
© Copyright 2016

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    1. True, that might be the first reaction. It might even be the correct course of action. But people don’t end up in those situations overnight. Two got on the train together and arrived at that destination through both of their decisions and actions. Hey man! As usual thanks for dropping some eyeballs and brains on my work Fionn!

      1. A pleasure.
        Thats true, many relationships fizzle out, the result over many situations that you depicted, and its rarely clear who is to blame, or even how things got to the point they are at.

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